February 25, 2009

Where’s the Change?

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Where's the Change?


February 24, 2009

Are we mice or men?

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Pinky and the BrainYou know Pinky, despite all of my rage, I am still just a rat in a cage.

February 22, 2009

I like Ike!

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Here is an excerpt from Ike’s farewell radio address on Jan 17, 1961.  This comes immediately after the often repeated warning about the industrial military complex.

Akin to, and largely responsible for the sweeping changes in our industrial-military posture, has been the technological revolution during recent decades.

In this revolution, research has become central, it also becomes more formalized, complex, and costly. A steadily increasing share is conducted for, by, or at the direction of, the Federal government.

Today, the solitary inventor, tinkering in his shop, has been overshadowed by task forces of scientists in laboratories and testing fields. In the same fashion, the free university, historically the fountainhead of free ideas and scientific discovery, has experienced a revolution in the conduct of research. Partly because of the huge costs involved, a government contract becomes virtually a substitute for intellectual curiosity. For every old blackboard there are now hundreds of new electronic computers.

The prospect of domination of the nation’s scholars by Federal employment, project allocations, and the power of money is ever present – and is gravely to be regarded.

Yet, in holding scientific research and discovery in respect, as we should, we must also be alert to the equal and opposite danger that public policy could itself become the captive of a scientific-technological elite.

It is the task of statesmanship to mold, to balance, and to integrate these and other forces, new and old, within the principles of our democratic system – ever aiming toward the supreme goals of our free society.

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February 21, 2009

Thanks Edgar!

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LET me call myself, for the present, William Wilson. The fair page now lying before me need not be sullied with my real appellation. This has been already too much an object for the scorn — for the horror — for the detestation of my race. To the uttermost regions of the globe have not the indignant winds bruited its unparalleled infamy? Oh, outcast of all outcasts most abandoned! — to the earth art thou not forever dead? to its honors, to its flowers, to its golden aspirations? — and a cloud, dense, dismal, and limitless, does it not hang eternally between thy hopes and heaven?


Hello world!

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Welcome to my blahg.  The name of this blog is “What Would William Wilson Do?” I turned 40 this week.  I decided it was time to start a blog, I hate blogs, but everybody is doing it!  Call it peer pressure if you want.  The current political/economic/social/environmental/etc.  situation has inspired the theme for this random ramble – World Domination.  Sounds simple enough.

On my birthday I went to Disney World (got in for free) and wore my Star Wars Imperial Domination shirt.  I thought it was appropriate.  It is a small world after all.

I created a logo/flag.  Stolen without apology from the United Nations You may or may not see it as my gravatar.  I am also using it as my spray in TeamFortress2, I tend to play the despised pyro most of the time.  I call it the United Imperial Forces with the catchy mission statement of Peace through Domination.

United Imperial Forces

United Imperial Forces

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